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Toy Company Recalls Entire Shipment of Official ‘Taimur’ Dolls, Says the Dolls Weren’t Supposed to Say ‘I’ll Cut You Bitch’

By Team Rayon Updated: October 25, 2018 at 12:07 pm 0 Comment

A toy company based in Mumbai had to recall dolls from the official merchandise collection of media darling Taimur Ali Khan.

“The shipment of ‘Taimur’ dolls to toy stores across the country had to be recalled due to some manufacturing errors,” reads the statement, “The company would like to apologise to the inconvenienced parents and creeps and we seek to compensate for the trouble caused.

According to a report published on an obscure website, many parents registered complaints against the the ‘Taimur’ dolls in the consumer court, after the doll started saying “I’ll cut you b**ch’ when you pressed the button on its chest.

“My daughter was playing with the doll when suddenly she came crying to me, saying that the demon doll had threatened to cut her,” said Rutuja Srivastava, a concerned parent and victim of the faulty ‘Taimur’ dolls.

“The original message that was programmed in the doll was ‘Hi, it’s Tim’, a popular saying by media darling Taimur Ali Khan,” said the spokesperson of the company, “We’re trying to investigate how this demonic message got installed in the dolls.”

Taimur’s spokesperson and nanny denied his involvement in the traumatising message. “Yes, it is Taimur’s favourite catchphrase, but he only says it when he’s really mad,” she said, “He has been looking forward to this launch ever since Saif Ali Khan started becoming relevant again. This was his opportunity to bring back the spotlight on him.” The investigation is still underway, but tensions are high within the Ali Khan household.

Taimur, Saif Ali Khan, and Shilpa Shetty have yet to respond to our queries.