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Wow! Janhvi Kapoor has Been Mispronouncing Her Name All This While to Avoid Loan Sharks

By Team Rayon Updated: September 18, 2018 at 10:42 am 0 Comment

Actor Janhvi Kapoor has been on a roll. She has starred in a successful movie, been on the cover of fashion magazine and been the subject of several open letters ever since she started out in the industry, a short while ago.  “I feel extremely blessed,” she said, “I had no idea that you can legitimately trip people down the stairs once you’re a star.

Now that her star is rising, the actor has many fans clamouring to know more details about her and her life. In a conversation with a leading daily, the Dhadak star revealed some pretty shocking insights into her life. “I have taken so many loans ever since I started working as an actor. It’s not even funny,” said Janhvi.

According to her, she was asked by her father to make her own way in the world and live off what she earned herself. “It sounded hard at that time, but I realised that banks just give you money for being pretty,” she said.

Janhvi took out some pretty hefty loans from several banks and when the time came to pay them back, she realised she didn’t have any money. “Who knew you actually had to return that money?”

When the loan sharks came knocking, the young actor had the best hack to avoid them. “I couldn’t change my name, because it was on my Aadhar card, hello?!” She said, “So I started mispronouncing my name as ‘Jaan-vee’, instead of ‘Su-resh’ as it is actually pronounced.”

Her name, while spelt J-H-A-N-V-I, is not pronounce cheat way, and the actor took advantage of that with the loan sharks. Not many people knew of this, she says. “Only my family and Anil Kapoor knew.”

“I know it will catch up to me one day, but it’s worth it,” she said.