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Wow! New Study Reveals 4 Different Ways to Pronounce Katrina Kaif’s Name

By Team Rayon Updated: October 13, 2018 at 7:40 am 0 Comment

A new study published in a journal that no one wanted to read at my dentist’s office revealed some astonishing findings about actress Katrina Kaif.

“There are not one, not two, but four ways you can pronounce Katrina Kaif’s name,” writes the head researcher of the group, Dr P.L. Patil, “It’s not going to change the world or save humanity, but at least we will have options while trying to pronounce her name.”

According to the study, the research group gathered a group of fifty people of various demographics and had them pronounce Katrina Kaif’s name. They then proceeded to shortlist the most common pronunciations and found out that there were 4 more ways, other than the usual one, to say ‘Katrina Kaif’.

“About 30% of the people pronounced her name the way we are used to,” writes DR. Patil, “The other prominent pronunciations include: Mohit Kapoor, Krishna Patel, Shahida Kareem, and Jasminder Kaur.”

The researchers issue a disclaimer that, while these are widely acceptable ways to pronounce her name, they haven’t consulted Katrina Kaif, or anyone remotely related to her, to figure out if these pronunciations are close or not.

“We just don’t have that sort of time or money,” claims Dr. Patil.