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7 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Get Your Hair Travel Ready, From Getting a Visa to How to Pack Lightly

By Team Rayon Updated: July 26, 2018 at 5:59 am 0 Comment

Let’s be honest, your hair is like a drunk version of a cursed dwarf that ended up living on your head. Despite all your best efforts it always ends up doing pretty much whatever it wants to do. It becomes a lot more difficult to handle while you’re on a trip with all those temper tantrums it throws.

Here are a few travel beauty tips from our favorite (and some who we’re not sure really exist or not) celebrities that’ll change your next vacation- and possibly your life too…

1) Your hair might force you to carry a lot of hair care products and styling tools but you need to keep yourself together and resist its ridiculous demands.

2) Always pack as light as possible to have enough space to carry the pressure of getting those perfect Insta-worthy pictures.

3) Try making a list of all the unrealistic goals you want to achieve in life to make sure your hair looks brighter than your future on the trip.

4) “You have to do what it takes to make your hair feel as comfortable as possible”, quoted Kangana Ranaut, a travel enthusiast often seen apologizing to her hair on airports for reasons not yet disclosed.

5) Stash some extra cash in your hair to make it feel important and included. You might however, need to keep a check on its ridiculous spending sprees.

6) Carry a few books to read on the way so that you and your hair never run out of topics to talk about. “I never carry my own books on holidays to avoid controversy”, said professional reality show judge, Chetan Bhagat whose hair sued him for publishing its writings under his name.

7) If all else fails, we suggest chopping off all your hair to make it feel more independent and let it plan its own trip. If it loves you enough it’ll come back to you.