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Alia Bhatt Gets Candid, Talks About How Removing All of Her Skin Has Cured Most of Her Skin Problems

By Shephali Kushwaha Updated: March 1, 2019 at 7:16 am 0 Comment

Gone are the days when skincare meant just washing your face and some moisturising. From various essential oils to extensive DIYs, the beauty industry is willing to provide us with all round solutions to transform our faces into the one Sanjay Leela Bhansali would be proud to call decent. But turns out, there’s a simpler way to hack the perfect skin. We ask Alia Bhatt, leading Bollywood star and haver of decent skin to give us a beauty hack that has changed her life.



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“I got rid of all my skin,” she said, continuing, “I realized I was spending a lot of time on my skin, time that I can use for other female-specific activities like shopping. It’s the best decision I have made next to deciding to collect yellow-colored Gems of course”, she further added, clarifying that she’s talking about the candy and not rare jewels.

This mystical hack is turning out to be a game-changer for the beauty industry. Many beauty experts, who we’re seventy percent sure are Ranveer Singh talking in different voices, have referred to it as the ‘beauty hack of the decade’.“People have stopped talking directly to me and children scream when they see me”, she said when asked about any possible side effects, “But if you think about it, that’s actually a positive thing. You don’t need kids telling you how to run your life. They can’t even drive on their own!”

When asked about her further plans the Gully Boy star said, “I am now planning to get rid of my eyelids. I feel like blinking involves a lot of efforts and I really want to focus on my yellow Gems collection.”