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Alia Bhatt Debuts New Tattoo Dedicated to Ranbir Kapoor’s Best Performance to Date

By Shreemi Verma Updated: November 27, 2018 at 12:57 pm 0 Comment

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s coupling seems to be a recent development to most people, but that’s a lie, the two have been tied together since a long time now. As a lonely boy whose only claim to fame was telling Kareena Kapoor and Fardeen Khan to do a blackface in their blockbuster movie Khushi, Ranbir didn’t enjoy the same attention as other star-kids did. That is until Rishi Kapoor decided to make a blood pact with Mahesh Bhatt and they got their children married as soon as Alia was born. Shocking right? 


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After many years, and some failed relationships,  the two have been reminded of their sacred bond under the tutelage of Karan Johar. The couple met on the sets of Brahmastra, a modern take on the importance of PayTM in our country, and fell in love.

Much like his ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone, (Katrina Kaif doesn’t count, she just lived with him for 6 years, didn’t get a tattoo of his name, so whatevs) Ranbir’s child bride Alia now has a tattoo dedicated to him.



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It’s a full back tattoo of his face from the Tata Sky ad where he’s playing an old man. “Alia loves Ranbir’s craft.

While people mostly praise his movies, Alia genuinely loved his performance in that advertisement no one remembers. It shows he’s an old soul, just like her,” said Bhushan Kumar while penning a song for his upcoming rap battle with PewDiePie.

Producers of Alia’s upcoming movies are mortified. She refuses to cover this tattoo with make-up, says if she does that, Ranbir will dump her for Janhvi Kapoor’s dead fish. Karan Johar is happy though, he has solved this problem by making the tattoo an important plot point in their upcoming remake of Drona. Cinephiles all over the world can’t wait for this one.