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Disha Patani on the Struggles of Being “Too Pretty” to be Friends with People Who Kill Kittens for Fun

By Team Rayon Updated: July 29, 2018 at 7:47 pm 0 Comment

Disha Patani has come a long way in establishing herself as a force to reckon with and it seems that she is invincible. But her story is not without he fair share of hardship and struggle.

“I was a very shy kid, because the other children in school didn’t want to talk to me. Apparently bringing your own frog to dissect in your English class in third grade is not normal,” she says. According to Disha, her early years made her introverted and she has had to work hard to come out of that shell, especially now that she is an actress. Her friend and mentor Tiger Shroff has really helped her through the process. “I take one look at him and I tell myself that if I don’t open up and get more friends, this is what I’ll become,” reveals Disha, on how she overcome her fear of social rejection.

You’d think Disha will have no trouble making friends now that she is beautiful and popular, but turns out that it’s not always the case.

“I was recently rejected by a group of people who literally kill kittens for fun,” she says, tearing up a little, “They said I was too pretty to be in their group.”

Disha immediately clears that she is not into kitten murder, unless she absolutely has no choice, but that the group throws the best card parties on Diwali and she has always wanted to attend one. “These parties are members only. They’re very exclusive,” says Disha.

According to a statement released by the group, Disha Patani’s application was rejected on the grounds of her being “too attractive” and possibly being a “distraction whilst kitten murder is underway”.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Disha during this hard time.