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EXCLUSIVE: Ranveer Singh is Convinced that Westeros is Real and Wants to Go Honeymooning there with Deepika Padukone

By Shreemi Verma Updated: January 4, 2019 at 5:46 am 0 Comment

Bollywood’s second favourite couple Ranveer Singh and  Deepika Padukone have finally managed to make time for a honeymoon after their low-key wedding in Chhattisgarh.


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While entertainment websites took guesses in trying to figure where the two actually are, we at Rayon have 100% confirmed legit news that they are currently at Westeros, or at least what Ranveer thinks Westeros is. 

“It has so much history and culture, I’m really into that shit” said Ranveer Singh to Raju Shrivastav before leaving. Deepika is a little concerned as well. All she wanted to do was take a trip to Iceland to experience the chilly winters and wash her hair with the blood of a virgin reindeer, as advised by Anupam Kher. “I was fine with the 3-eyed raven and Hodor roleplaying, but this is taking it too far,” said Deepika.


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I like this pic. And you? 😊

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But Ranveer truly believes that Iceland is a part of Westeros and he’s pretty excited that all the season 8 action is going to happen at the North, right in front of his eyes. A very distressed Rajpal Yadav revealed “When it comes to Game of Thrones, Ranveer forgets that it’s fiction. He is convinced that, if he tries hard enough, he can find a raven that can carry his messages back and forth to Rohit Shetty.”

According to Rajpal Yadav, Moreover, he also has carried his boom box and is planning to walk in super slo-mo to the beats of Aala Re Aala Simmba Aala when the Night King turns up. ” Deepika is concerned too, she just wanted a nice vacay with her hubby and wash her hair with reindeer blood, but Ranveer’s plans are a bit too much. 

We shudder to think what Ranveer will go through when he finds out Westeros is a fictional place and that getting humans to dance to Malhari before their war with the White Walkers will not be possible, ever.