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Mira Rajput Refuses to Admit that She’s Made Her Onscreen Debut in Nawazuddin Siddiqui Starrer ‘Thackerey’

By Team Rayon Updated: December 27, 2018 at 6:30 am 0 Comment

Olay brand ambassador and arranged marriage enthusiast Mira Rajput has allegedly made her debut in a movie but is refusing to acknowledge it.

“I was watching the trailer of Thackerey, and I could swear I saw Mira in it,” said Sonam Kapoor, “I even texted her to congratulate her, but she replied back with a ‘new phone, who dis.”

Mira’s defensive response did nothing to stop Sonam’s investigative brain that ahd already started thinking of theories.

“I was shook by Mira’s response, so I did a bit of research,” said Sonam, “Turns out, the moviemakers are claiming that it’s some actress called Amrita Rao in the movie, and not Mira.”

A small group of people in the country believe that Mira Rajput and Amrita Rao are the same people. Sonam, a vocal supporter of the theory, claims that this is true because she’s not seen the two of them under the same roof ever.

“Even their names sound similar. You just have to jumble and subtract some letters from Amrita’s name to get ‘Mira’. It’s elementary,” said Sonam.

Mira Rajput’s husband Shahid Kapoor even starred in several movies with ‘Amrita Rao’, leading the opposers of the theory to claim that this is proof that they are two different people.

The ‘Mira is Amrita’ group claims that ‘Amrita Rao’ changed her name to ‘Mira Rajput’ for fun and to mess with people’s head.

“It’s not fun and games, you know what I mean?” said Sonam, “People’s lives are at stake.”

Mira/Amrita could not be reached for a confirmation.

Watch the trailer and see for yourself: