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Mumbai Police Call Out Sonam Kapoor for Using the Word ‘Weirdo’ as if She’s a 12-Year-Old Girl From a Sooraj Barjatiya Movie

By Team Rayon Updated: December 14, 2018 at 1:30 pm 0 Comment

You know how the saying goes? You use an outdated word, and Mumbai Police will call you out in public and make you cry tears of shame.
Turns out, actor and ballet enthusiast Sonam Kapoor didn’t learn this in school like the rest of us.
Earlier today, Sonam posted a video of her The Zoya Factor co-star Dulquer Salman driving a car with no hands on the steering wheel, while checking his phone. In the video, Sonam calls the actor ‘weirdo’.



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While a lot of fans praised Sonam for saying ‘weirdo’, Mumbai Police was not amused.
The official Twitter account for the force tweeted at Sonam, calling her out for using slangs that are only found in Sooraj Barjatiya movies of the Uff Kya Jadoo Mohabbat Hai era.

In the tweet, Mumbai Police inform Sonam that her slang vocabulary is outdated AF and she should stick to calling people ‘demon’s defective dildos’ like normal people do.

Sonam didn’t take the, frankly, devastating burn lying down, and responded to them by revealing that she only said ‘weirdo’ because she was possessed by a 17th century ghost. She further added, that they should stick to calling out regular people on using outdated slangs, and not actors because they usually don’t know what era they belong to.
But in the end, Sonam Kapoor concluded the matter with a heartfelt request to her fans to not troll the Police as they were only doing their jobs.


Good on you, weirdo. Oh no.