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“Salman Khan Doesn’t Want to Get Pregnant, That’s Why He Doesn’t Kiss Onscreen,” Arbaaz Khan on Salman Khan’s No-Kiss Policy

By Team Rayon Updated: January 4, 2019 at 2:50 pm 0 Comment

Aside from being known for being the litmus test of douchness in a man, Salman Khan is also known for being one of the few Bollywood actors who haven’t kissed their co-stars onscreen.

This was a mystery no-one wanted the answer to, but brother Arbaaz Khan decided to answer the question on no-one’s mind. “Salman doesn’t kiss on screen because he doesn’t want to get pregnant,” he said, at a press conference to announce new Being Human cycles that you can buy to pretend you care about the environment.

“It’s obviously not because nobody actually wants to kiss him, it’s because he doesn’t think he can carry a baby and deliver it because he’s a male human and doesn’t have the necessary parts,” continued Arbaaz, to the disgust of the reporters gathered.

The emcee hurriedly asked the press if there were any questions related to the bicycles, but people wanted to know more about Arbaaz Khan’s verbal vomit.

On being asked if the brothers think our country needs sex education classes in schools, Salman snatched the microphone from Arbaaz’s hands and said, “Sex bad. Sex not for children.”

The press conference was concluded shortly after.