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Shahid Kapoor Hints at Naming New Baby After Khilji, People Claim His Account has Been Hacked

By Team Rayon Updated: September 6, 2018 at 12:49 pm 0 Comment

Shahid Kapoor has had an eventful day. Not only did his new born baby get embroiled in a nepotism controversy minutes after being born, now people are claiming his Instagram and Twitter account has been hacked.

People have been debating furiously over which letters of ‘Shahid’ or ‘Mira’ will be utilised for the baby’s name this time. But turns out, Shahid Kapoor has, or at least had, different plans.

“I really wanted to name the boy Allauddin Khilj,” claimed Shahid, “He is my favourite character from Padmavat.”

When Shahid tried to be mysterious on his social media about hinting his baby’s name, it backfired in a way he should have anticipated. “I started getting frantic messages from my team saying that my account has been hacked,” said Shahid.

Soon Shahid had no choice but to play along with it. After getting severely berated by his overworked PR team, he agreed to post an Instagram Story, confirming that his account was ‘hacked’ and he didn’t actually want to have anything to do with Khilji.

“Shahid and Mira don’t want a repeat of what happened with Taimur’s name because they don’t want a baby to steal, what they rightfully claim is, their thunder,” revealed our source.