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WHOA! Anushka Sharma Does NOT Know All the Names of Her Eyelashes

By Team Rayon Updated: October 29, 2018 at 7:36 am 0 Comment

Actress Anushka Sharma had a shocking revelation for her fans recently. We all know actors lead a busy life, where they have to learn a lot of lines and take a lot of selfies. It’s not unusual for them to forget trivial things, but sometimes the carelessness can be shocking.

At the inauguration for Virat Kohli’s wax museum, the stress spoke to the press about her future projects and more.

“I want to do more films that explore the psyche of animals and their rights, because it’s something that Akshay Kumar has yet to exploit,” she said.

When asked about how her eyelashes are doing, the actress’ response shocked the audience.

“I don’t know, they must be doing fine, I guess,” she said, “It’s not like I know all of their names.”

According to the actress, she doesn’t remember what each of her eyelash is called. “I never thought about it that way, it’s not like they’re as important as my eyebrow hair,” she said, adding that she, in fact, remembers the names of all her eyebrow hair.

This is not the first time an actor has shown this level of callousness. In an interview earlier this year, Ranbir Kapoor confessed that he has forgotten what his middle tow was called. After facing backlash for his comments, the actor had apologised and staged a public reconciliation with his middle toe at the trailer launch for Sanju.

Anushka Sharma has not apologised, or returned our messages because we’re not sure we have her right number. We found it on Facebook.