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Wow! This is How Arjun Kapoor Looked Back in the 1880s

By Team Rayon Updated: August 20, 2018 at 6:58 pm 0 Comment

Arjun Kapoor shared a pretty amazing throwback picture recently on Instagram.

The 138-year-old actor shared a picture from his archives, where he is presumably posing for the first camera in the history of the world, in all his finery.

The Ki and Ka actor wrote “Found this in my attic. #FunTimes” as the caption, which was about as informative as the plot of Half Girlfriend.

The seemingly ageless actor credits his flawless skin and youthful glow to regular workouts and selling his soul to the devil. “I have to work hard to stay fit, I am a role model to young Aayush Sharmas all over the country, after all,” he said.

Arjun is currently shooting for the sequel to indie hit Namastey London, with Parineeti Chopra. “The film is very important. I’m not just saying this because I’m in it, I’m saying it because that’s what I read off of a media kit that the PR team was putting together,” he said.

None of this, however, explains how he is alive, and thriving, despite being more than a century old.

“It’s the aforementioned soul selling, I’m sure,” said Preity Zinta.

Guess what they ay is right. Devil only favours those who have a Yash Raj Films debut.