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WOW! You Won’t Believe What Varun Dhawan’s Twin From Judwaa 2 Looks Like Now

By Team Rayon Updated: July 26, 2018 at 8:13 am 0 Comment

2017’s blockbuster hit Judwaa 2, a remake of Bobby Deol’s classic, became the talk of the town, mostly because of the amazing casting coup they managed to pull off.

In the movie, Varun Dhawan and his twin had to take revenge from the man who murdered their pet dog. In the old Bobby Deol hit, the makers had to use CGI to create Bobby Deol’s twin, thus compromising on the beauty of the script.

For the 2017 version, they found an actor, who not only looked like Varun Dhawan, but also talk, walk and whistle to the tune of ‘Humko Hum hi se Chura Lo’ like the original VD.

“It was as if the Gods of fortune were looking down at us and smiling,” said Varun Dhawan, on the casting.

The actor, whose real name has not been revealed to date, has appeared in a number of projects like ABCD 2 and Tiger Zinda Hai (as one of the CGI wolves’ voice). “He is a very secretive person. He is not even on social media!” claims Varun Dhawan.

The unnamed actor recently made an appearance at a party thrown by Varun at his new house, to celebrate making his relationship with his girlfriend official for the 375th time.

Varun Dhawan’s twin looks insanely like him!

We can’t wait to see Twin Varun in a movie soon, right?!