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5 Celebrity-Approved Outfit Ideas for When He Wouldn’t Stop Mansplaining Your Job to You

By Shephali Kushwaha Updated: August 17, 2018 at 7:53 am 0 Comment

When was the last time you were being mansplained by a gentleman but your outfit just didn’t feel right?

We all have those days, when we’re reminded by our male friends and companions that we might know a lot of things but they know a lot of things too, sometimes even more than us. It’s important for you, as a woman, to be styled the right way the moment.

The key is not to overthink things, as your companion male will be doing it for you.

Below, we have complied a list of the perfect outfit ideas for when you want to feel like a queen while mentally strangling the man next to you for telling you how to feel about something in your life.  

1)  Wear rugs. We all are very aware of how a mansplaining session feels like a constant vomit of words and hence it is quite smart to wear something that isn’t too fancy. No one wants to get their expensive clothes ruined for a man.

2) Since mansplaining is still believed to be imaginary and non-existent try to recreate that same idea with your outfits by going for nudes. This tip is only applicable to fair-skinned women though, as the fashion industry fails to acknowledge the existence of dark-skinned women.

3) Wear something athletic so that you feel comfortable while running away from the conversation. “Gymwear, or at leisure as Varun Dhawan calls it, is a great idea. I remember wearing a lot of track pants while dating Ranbir and Salman”, said Katrina Kaif.

4) Ask a man to choose your outfit. Since you dress up to please the male gaze daily it’s better if you start considering their opinions too.

5) Wear clothes made out of latex that stick to your figure as closely as possible. Talking to a mansplainer mostly feels like being choked anyway. It’s better to look cute in discomfort.