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7 GENIUS Ways to Style Your Denim Jacket to Get the Perfect Look for Finally Confronting Your Parents About Their Deep-Seated Islamophobia

By Team Rayon Updated: December 18, 2019 at 1:10 pm 7 Comment

A denim jacket is one of the most classic must-haves in every girl’s wardrobe. It’s stylish, versatile, and above all, super comfortable to wear when you have potentially uncomfortable conversations with your parents about their problematic beliefs.

We’ve listed out seven brilliant ways to differently style your favourite denim jacket so that you have the perfect look to confront your parents about their deep-seated Islamophobia…

1) Wear it over a body-con or maxi dress

Throw on a jean jacket over a body con or maxi dress to make it semi-casual. This look will make you seem more approachable and will lure your parents into a false sense of comfort before you start asking them why exactly do they support the Citizenship Amendment Act by the current government.

2) Wear it over a white T-shirt and a pair of denim jeans

Try on a denim-on-denim look by pairing your favourite denim jacket with the classic combo of a white tee and jeans. This look will make you look effortlessly cool while you ask your parents why they believe only muslim refugees to the country are ‘parasites who are leaching off the resources of our beautiful country’.

3) Pair it with a corset-style bustier

This look might seem a bit dressy for just a casual conversation with your parents, but the restricting pain in your ribs and the breathlessness will distract you from the helplessness you feel at your parents’ unexpectedly regressive point of view.

4) Wear it with a sundress and combat boots

This ‘90s style grunge look will make you feel spunky and outwardly powerful as you listen to your parents stutteringly explain how they don’t hate all muslims, especially not Khan uncle whose wife send over those amazing kebabs and sewaiyan on Eid.

5) Wear it with a crop top and wide-legged pants

Throw a denim jacket over a cropped top, or a bralette, and pair it with a wide legged bottom. This look will not only make you feel like a glamorous, jet-setting star, but will help you cope with your parents deflecting your questions by counter-questioning you about why you’re suddenly all political when a few years ago you couldn’t even name the president of the country.

6) Wear it over a sports bra and yoga pants

This one serves a more utilitarian purpose than a style one. The gym clothes will help you comfortably execute the Shavasana, as you try to gain your composure back from repeatedly telling your parents that everything they see on WhatsApp is not the reality.

7) Pair it with a sequinned dress

By adding a denim jacket to your sequinned dress outfit, you can totally make it work during the daytime too. Additionally, the sequins in your dress can add a bit of festivity to your surroundings as your mother starts having a meltdown thinking you’re probably defending muslims all of a sudden because you have a muslim boyfriend. You can play with the sequins to dispel any awkward tension as your father shoots you angry looks for making your mom cry.