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31-Year-Old Mumbai Woman Gives Up on Lifelong Dream of Getting Married to Nick Jonas Because Priyanka Chopra Got to Him First

By Team Rayon Updated: July 29, 2018 at 7:11 pm 0 Comment

While a lot of tweens and members of the Appropriate Dating Age Gap for Women police have gone into frenzy after reports of Priyanka Chopra dating Nick Jonas started making the rounds, one Mumbai resident had to deal with a heartbreaking choice.

“Ever since I saw Nick Jonas in Camp Rock, I had known that I’d never find anyone else to spend my life with,” said the 31-year-old Mumbai Woman.

When 31-year-old Mumbai Woman heard that Priyanka Chopra is possibly in a relationship with Jonas, she couldn’t believe it.

“How did a man thousands of miles away from me, who possibly doesn’t know that I even exist, not know that I’m the one for him?” she asked.

According to her, she tried dating several men who were not Nick Jonas but it didn’t exactly work out well. “There was always something missing, even when things seemed perfect,” she said.

Despite the heartbreak, 31-year-old Mumbai Woman doesn’t entirely blame Priyanka Chopra for anything. “She met him first, I guess,” was her reply.

“I think the healthy option for everybody involved is for me to move on. I wish nothing but happiness for them,” she said, as she packed away the last of the shrine dedicated to Nick Jonas, mostly consisting of old pictures of the singer with his eyes scratched out.