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5 Easy Ways to Get Tiger Shroff’s Cheekbones, Without Actually Kidnapping Him

By Team Rayon Updated: September 17, 2018 at 1:40 pm 0 Comment

Scientists believe that our face and neck consists of a total of 57 muscles. Anybody who has ever even Tiger Shroff knows that muscles are made to be worked out on and your facial muscles are no different.

“I had worked on my body so much that there was no area left to exercise for,” said Tiger Shroff, at the launch of his workout gear collection, “I was looking at the mirror one day, when I realised that I can also work on my cheekbones. And here we are.”

Tiger’s cheekbones have been ranked one of the best cheekbones by Cheekbones Weekly magazine, consecutively for the past two weeks.

According to Tiger, you don’t need to kidnap him and sculpt out his cheekbones for yourself, in case you, too, are looking to get razor sharp cheekbones like his.

Here’s what he says you can do to get the cheekbones of your dream…

Sculpt your face

A very obvious and not really tried-and-tested way of getting the perfect cheekbones, that will slice your apples for you, is to sculpt your face with a butter knife and sandpaper. “Just stand in front of the mirror and go to town on your cheeks. You can be as creative as you want,” suggests Tiger.

Smile a lot

Along with having envy-worthy cheekbones, you’ll also be able to avoid people because no one wants to make eye contact with the creep who is always smiling. “Win-win,” says Tiger.

Stretch your face

“Ask your friends, if you have any, to pull your cheeks and tear off any extra skin that they can feel,” he recommends. You already have the overbearing pressure of society so no need carrying any extra unnecessary weight.

Try enunciating a few alphabets daily

If you say the letters L-O-S-E-R out loud everyday with appropriate pause and enunciation, you will get those desirable cheekbones in no time. “I can vouch for this hack personally,” says Tiger.

Clench your teeth, a lot

Clenching adds that extra force and pressure that your cheekbones need to gain the tone essential for a sharp and movie-star-like look. “Anything that gives you second hand embarrassment works,” says Tiger, “For me, it was watching A Flying Jatt on repeat that did the trick.”