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Heartwarming: This 28-Year-Old Woman Wrote to Shah Rukh Khan about ‘DDLJ’ Being her Favourite Film, He Told Her to Watch Better Films

By Shreemi Verma Updated: February 12, 2019 at 5:55 pm 0 Comment

A 28-year old resident of Mumbai sent a hand-written letter to actor Shah Rukh Khan. In the fan mail, she claimed to have watched Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge more than 10 times, which is 10 times more than Shah Rukh Khan hiumself.

“All my dating profiles proudly state that I can perfectly perform ‘Zara Sa Jhooom Lu Main’ when drunk, and can fit the iconic DDLJ line ‘Bade Bade design me chat chat baatein hot rehti hain’ into any conversation,” reads the letter.



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She also added that DDLJ changed her life and that looking at pigeons makes her cry, mostly because they bite her whenever she goes to feed them like he and Amrish Puri did in the movie.

Being a busy star with many films to promote on Twitter, she didn’t expect a reply from him. But Shah Rukh Khan feels that it’s his moral duty to guide his fans, and so he replied to the 28-year-old Mumbai resident with a terse e-mail that read, “Please watch better films and stop wasting my time and yours. And seriously, Zara Sa Jhoom Loo Main when drunk? Good god, you’re basic.”

He also sent her the torrent links to some of his favourite movies, including American Psycho, Lal Badshah, and Khatarnak Khiladi so that the 28-year-old Mumbai resident could expand her movie knowledge.