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Local Woman Wonders If Vicky Kaushal Also Thinks About Her As Much As She Thinks About Him

By Team Rayon Updated: July 29, 2018 at 7:33 pm 0 Comment

28-year-old Sunanda Sharma claims her life changed after watching Raazi recently. “It’s like I was living my life with my eyes half closed and now they’re wide open,” she says.

28-year-old Sunanda is referring to discovering indie-darling Vicky Kaushal in the recent hit, where he played the role of the dreamboat man candy.

“I had a dream right after watching Raazi for the fifteenth time,” says Sunanda, “In it, me and Vicky were shopping for a recliner for our living room. Vicky was hell bent on getting a black one, while I insisted that I’d rather die than let any recliner that’s not cream-coloured to enter my house.”

It was multiple dreams of the same vein that led the 28-year-old woman to wonder if Vicky thought about her a much as she thought about him.

“I mean, the Universe doesn’t work this way, right?” Sunanda asks, “If you really want something, it HAS to make it happen.” Sunanda pulls her sleeve to show us the same statement tattooed in Monotype Corsica on her upper arm. “I know Vicky would appreciate a good quote tattoo.”

While there were a couple of Instagram posts on Vicky Kaushal’s timeline that suggests that he might be thinking about Sunanda, there was not enough to come to a concrete conclusion.

“I know that we’ve never met and he has no idea of my existence, but I know if I wish hard enough, I might Inception Vicky’s dreams and make him see what I’ve been seeing all along,” she says.