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Man Wonders If It’s Even Safe to Say ‘Hello’ or Ask for Casual Sexual Favours in the Hostile ‘Me Too’ Climate

By Team Rayon Updated: October 9, 2018 at 12:23 pm 0 Comment

“I feel insecure and unsafe these days,” claims the 31-year-old man, who insists he remain anonymous, lest he gets attacked by women who are constantly on their period.

I’ve led a perfectly entitles and privileged life, I’ll admit,” he says in an open letter he wrote for his 27 followers, “But I feel like I can’t even wish a woman ‘Good morning’ without being called a creep in this climate, you know?”

What 31-year-old-man is referring to is the current ‘Me Too’ wave on the Indian internet, where women are sharing their harrowing tales of harassment and abuse and a few select men, 31-year-old man included, are making it about themselves without blinking a privileged eyelid.

“Things are so bad that you can’t even ask a woman to send nudes without them going all prissy and sharing screenshots on Twitter, like, I asked for this nudes in a private chat. I don’t want that shit exposed all over the Internet. I have feelings too,” he writes.

31-year-old man claims that he has gotten many positive responses, from men, on his ‘revolutionary’ open letter. “I believe I said what everyone is thinking. I appreciate it that it’s being done in Hollywood where creeps like (Harvey) Weinstein exist, but this is India,” he says.

He says that the Indian Me Too movement is akin to a witch hunt where asking for casual sexual favours from unsuspecting women is now a big crime. “Where do we draw the line?” He says.