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New Research Suggests that Shahid Kapoor Might Never Agree to Marry You

By Team Rayon Updated: August 1, 2018 at 1:00 pm 0 Comment

A new study published in the Indian Journal of Moral Ethics and Science, resetachers put forward a theory that Shahid Kapoor might not be interested in you matrimonially.

The study was conducted over a period of three weeks, with a focus group consisting of people of various sexual orientation, age, and gender identities.

“Usually with a group this varied, the answer is almost always unclear. But in this case, it was unanimous. Shahid Kapoor will never marry you,” said the head of the department that conducted the research, who is also a cold-hearted bi**h man who doesn’t know the connection Shahid shares with you.


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“We presented the group with all the information we have on Shahid Kapoor and the nature of his marriage to Amrita Rao, and then showed them a picture of you,” reads the abstract of the study, “The group burst into, frankly, cruel laughter and declared then and there that there’s no way Shahid is going to leave his wife and kids and decide to marry you.”

We tried contacting Shahid Kapoor but we couldn’t locate his number on Yahoo.