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New Study Suggests Putting Out 2 Slices of Bread Outside Your Door Will Keep Ranveer Singh Away From Your House

By Team Rayon Updated: August 24, 2018 at 7:52 am 0 Comment

A new paper published in the Indian Space Research Journal presents a seemingly viable solution to the growing problem of actor Ranveer Singh randomly appearing in houses all over the country.

“It was rapidly becoming the number one cause of all problems, marital and career-related, in the country,” says Dr. Shweta Prakash, the lead researcher on the project.

According to the paper, a focus group of people of varying demographics was assembled and made to see Race 3 on loop for 15 hours straight. “This exercise put them in a murderous mood and we wanted a serial killer’s perspective on this issue. So it was perfect,” says Prakash.

The subjects were then made to fill out a questionnaire of things they think Ranveer Singh might be averse to. “Bread came out as a top choice,” she says.

It’s still not clear whether it would take care of the issue of Ranveer Singh randomly popping into your house altogether, but it would definitely stall him.

“We couldn’t find Ranveer Singh to actually test out our findings on him, but we’re sure he doesn’t like bread,” she says.

When we suggest that it would have been easier to put bread outside several houses and observe whether Ranveer Singh showed up or not, Dr Shweta started having a mental breakdown akin to the one Alia Bhatt’s character had in Dear Zindagi, co-starring Shah Rukh Khan.