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Quick and Easy Hacks to Turn Into an Ally Without Making Any Changes to Your Lifestyle

By Team Rayon Updated: October 1, 2020 at 11:08 am 8 Comment

Every day you hear and read about atrocities being committed against minorities in your country and feel frustrated? That’s natural. We’re all human beings and we like to read positive news stories. Like that one about a dog raising a tiger cub or maybe that one grandmother who found out that her daughter is pregnant and started crying out of happiness. We get it. But this also means that you must feel FOMO while your other friends and the people you follow online talk about political issues when you have no idea what’s going on, or even care enough about them. This is why we’ve come up with these quick and easy tips for you to become a politicised ally, while making no real change in your lifestyle…

1) Ask yourself whether you think whatever’s happening to minorities in our countries is good or bad. If your answer is anything other than “yes, it’s good”, then you’re already on the right side of things. That’s enough activism for the day, you can take a break.

2) Repost that WhatsApp forward you got from your mother’s cousin about the issue on your Instagram Stories. No need to post it on your main profile. Issues come and go, Instagram grid layout stays forever.

3) Tell everyone that you won’t be watching Akshay Kumar or Kangana Ranaut movies because they are spineless opportunists who aim to profit off of the country’s hyper-nationalistic mood. It’s Ok because it’s not like you see their movies anyway. This simple step will clearly convey that you’re an ally without actually being inconvenient for you.

4) Create a template. It’s a time saver and a genius way to express your dismay at whatever’s going down without appearing out of touch. It can be something like ‘Why does this keep happening? When will this stop?’. This can cover a wide range of topics, like an animal’s cruel murder, or a mob lynching, or even a brutal rape.

5) Do you have a friend that belongs to a minority? Yes, that one classmate from 7 years ago who you haven’t spoken to since the two of you graduated will also count. Get them to endorse you on social media. Their testimony to your wokeness will act like a shield from anyone who accuses you of being privileged and ignorant about what’s actually going around you.