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Researchers Discover New Form of Male Birth Control that’s Mostly Telling People You Exclusively Like Christopher Nolan Films

By Team Rayon Updated: March 26, 2019 at 6:20 pm 0 Comment

A revolutionary new research has put forward a new form of male birth control that mostly involves men expressing their love and adoration for the films made by British director Christopher Nolan.

“The study is still in trial form, but the results look promising,” says lead researcher Sandhya Kundu, “As soon as our subject mentioned what masterpieces Dark Knight Rises and Inception were, the woman he was talking to instantly became ‘dry as Sahara desert’ and walked away. This is by far the most advanced form of male birth control science has discovered.”

It’s important, the researchers urge, to imply how your taste in movies is so much better than your date.

While the method seems promising, it is facing severe backlash, as many scientists and several human males feel that any form of contraceptive designed for men is, by nature, ‘brutal and wildly unnecessary’.

“Men don’t get pregnant, why do they need contraceptives?” questioned one human male, with no scientific qualifications, on Twitter.

Despite the road blocks, the researchers are positive that this method of contraception can effectively make other birth control methods obsolete. “For now, we’ve only tried Nolan. Our findings strongly indicate that similar results can be achieved by mentioning a liking of Shahwshank Redemption, the Godfather trilogy, and a rejection of mainstream Bollywood cinema.”