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EXCLUSIVE: Taimur Ali Khan’s Guide to Throwing the Best Tea Parties

By Shephali Kushwaha Updated: September 2, 2018 at 6:04 pm 0 Comment

Media darling Taimur Ali Khan has decided to give tea etiquette lessons because, according to him, “It’s somewhat of a lost art these days”.

His decision came after a very public disaster that occurred at a tea party organised by Karan Johar, for celebrating Varun Dhawan’s IIFA speech on female equality.

According to several eyewitnesses, the thought behind the party was noble but the etiquettes practiced were not acceptable, especially to Taimur. The media darling kid promptly stormed off the venue, taking Shraddha Kapoor with him.

“He told me we are going out for ice-cream”, said Shraddha, when asked about her walk-off with Taimur.

“Registration for the classes are open and highly selective”, said Taimur during the launch of his workshop. Several celebrities have decided to take up the classes as they believe that Taimur can, in fact, teach them the proper etiquette for a tea party. “That’s what any of us really want at the end of the day, you know?” Said Varun Dhawan. Because of the, predictably, huge turnout at the workshop, Taimur found it hard to shortlist people for his class. “It’s very important that this class remains exclusive. So everyone is selected except Priyanka Chopra,” he said.

Despite all evidence pointing towards it, Taimur denied that it had anything to do with the fact that Priyanka stole the limelight he rightfully considered his by announcing her engagement to Nick Jonas.

When it ultimately came down to the right tea party etiquette, Taimur had only one thing to say. “Don’t invite people who are more popular than you.”

There you go. Keep these words of wisdom handy the next time you decide to throw a tea party.