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How to Dress for Work in a Way that Doesn’t Intimidate Your Male Co-Workers

By Shephali Kushwaha Updated: October 2, 2018 at 8:00 pm 0 Comment

Still not completely sure what to wear to office for that important meeting or when you have to ask for a promotion?

It’s really hard to get the right outfit for the right occasion but the pressure adds to itself when you have to dress up for work while making sure you aren’t intimidating any men around you. Being able to work is already privilege enough for you and the least you can do in return is dress appropriately for the superior gender.

Office-fashion is a real pain in the ass and that’s why our workplace stylists have decided to give out simple tips to try out the next time you plan your outfits.

Wear clothes that fit

The words loose or tight don’t exist in your daily office wear dictionary. Proper fit clothes are a must. “I’ve seen Cinderella so I know I need some animals and a couple of pigeons to make me clothes that fit my body perfectly,” says Alia Bhatt. Find vermin to make clothes for you that fit you like a second skin.

Don’t wear any strong perfume

You’ll always be in the presence of strong, dominating men so no need to wear any perfume at all. Just keep on working twice as hard as they do and you’ll be glowing under your own sweat with no recognition whatsoever.

Always wear make-up

An everyday essential that should be a part of your daily office routine is make-up. It’s important if you spend a major part of your morning perfecting your make-up routine because none of your work matters if your eyeliner isn’t on point. But make sure your make-up isn’t too loud, no one wants to acknowledge your presence during any part of the day.

Don’t be too sexy

No one wants to see your shoulders or toes during office hours. It’s just more convenient if you leave them at home. It might be slightly inconvenient for you but let’s face the truth, is anything ever really about you?