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SAD! Dragon Fruit Loses Its Place as the ‘Sexiest Fruit Names to Shout Out During Sexytimes’ After Being Renamed as ‘Kamalam’ by Government

By Team Rayon Updated: January 20, 2021 at 2:43 pm 7 Comment

The Gujarat government’s move to rename dragon fruit as ‘Kamalam’, since according to Chief Minister Vijay Rupani the fruit’s shape resembles that of a lotus flower, has had mixed reaction from the public. While there are a lot of people who fully support the government’s decision to rename the fruit, as it now successfully adjusts people’s expectations from what they can expect from the fruit, there are some who have opposed the name change.

“Over 67% of people wrote in with complaints that shouting ‘Kamalam’ while having sex doesn’t feel the same as shouting ‘dragon fruit’,” revealed Dr. H.J. Mehta, research associate at Sexy Fruit and Food Association Inc., adding, “This has unfortunately led to the removal of the fruit from the top of the list of ‘Sexiest Fruit Names to Shout Out During Sexytimes’.”

The news has led to massive outrage on the Internet with users demanding the reinsertion of the fruit’s name from ‘Kamalam’ to ‘Dragon Fruit’ in order to retain its sexy value.

“There’s nothing sexy about shouting ‘kamalam’ during sex,” wrote one user, “What will be next? A rule that doesn’t allow people to wear socks in bed? Get out of our bedrooms, government.”

“Nothing seems sacred anymore,” wrote an anonymous user, we’re not sure if this was about the dragon fruit naming issue, but it felt appropriate.

While stand up comedians and social media influencers are having a wild time with their memes and Tweets, the Sexy Fruit and Food Association Inc. has announced the sexiest fruit name to shout out during sexy times.

“It’s pomegranate,” said Dr. H.J Mehta.