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HEARTWARMING: Actor Sara Ali Khan Takes a Break from Her Multiple Vacations in the Middle of a Pandemic to Post a Message Asking People to Wear Masks and Be Responsible on Instagram

By Team Rayon Updated: April 23, 2021 at 2:44 pm 94 Comment

Sometimes people forget that larger than life celebrities are human beings too. But there are moments when they remind us of just that and more. A heartwarming moment of humanity came from young actress Sara Ali Khan when she took a break from her multiple vacations to post a half-hearted message on her Instagram stories, urging people to wear mask and be safe.

“As celebrities, it’s very important for us to make sure we cling to any form of relevance as tightly as possible,” she said, in a virtual press conference from Maldives.

Fans of the actress were pleasantly surprised to see the vague message about wearing masks interrupting the steady stream of photos and updates from her various vacations with her family.



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In the short video, Sara appears, dressed to the nines, while a disembodied voice sings a song about wearing masks. “I feel like I’ve done my bit and if people still don’t wear masks, then it’s on them,” she said.

The actress also clarified that there is no secret organisation that is holding her loved ones hostage and making her go on all these vacations during a global pandemic. “I’m doing it because money good, staying at home like a chump bad,” she said.