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4 Ways to Style Girls Slippers With Cute Outfits

By Team Rayon Updated: September 30, 2020 at 7:38 am 8 Comment

Flip flops and slippers are not just meant for wearing on the beach or at home. Girls slippers can be used to create so many versatile looks that can work for different settings. There are many styles of slippers that your child can try and style with different outfits. Girls slippers come in different forms, so you have a variety to choose from other than just the usual flip flops. The basic style of footwear for kids includes kitten heels, platforms, shoes in materials like leather. There are a variety of shades of bright and poppy colours that you can choose for your baby girl. 

Casual jeans and tee

If your kids are not very adventurous, then you can try pairing the slippers with simple jeans and tee combo. It’s a classic fashion choice and will be a comfortable option for your kids. For a different variation of this look, you can also go with denim shorts instead of full-length jeans. The look will remain casual and comfortable with the cute girls slippers. You can always accessorize the look with a funky hat or sunglasses for your kiddos, as they will look adorable in it.

Colour block

You can pair brightly coloured girls slippers with a lovely neon shade outfit to create a nice colour blocking effect. All the bold colours will make sure all eyes stay on your child and wearing those beautiful colours will give your child the much-needed confidence to step out in the world. If you need any assistance in learning how to colour block, just click here to get all the basics covered and then go forth like a pro. If you aren’t a fan of this style, then my suggestion for you would be to add that one pop of colour with an overall neutral shade. This will make sure that you don’t end up adding all the colours without understanding which colours can be paired together.

Dress them up

While flip flops and girls slippers are usually considered to be more casual than dressy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t glam them up with the right outfit. A nice pair of girls slippers can go really well with some party outfits, for example, a tailored blouse and printed skirt or rompers with a jacket. You can accessories these outfits with cute necklaces, rings and bracelets for girls.

Monochromatic all the way

A dressy pair of girls slippers, like the ones that have sequins patches on them, can work really well with a simple, low-key monochromatic look. This way, your slippers can be the sole focus of your look and complement your entire look. But while doing this do make the whole outfit look completely simple, try wearing clothes with contrasting colours and different neutral shades like grey, blue, white or black.  If you think wearing kitten heels can take away from the comfort aspect of girls slippers, then go for footwear with straps and belts to give an extra grip to their feet.