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Expert Analyses Kareena Kapoor’s Baby Bump Pictures, REVEALS If She’s Having a Boy, Girl, or a 13-Legged Tarantula that Speaks Latin

By Team Rayon Updated: October 27, 2020 at 12:40 pm 8 Comment

ICYMI, actress Kareena Kapoor is expecting her second child with Saif Ali Khan. Aside from not consulting their fans before taking this big decision, the couple have also not disclosed any more details of the pregnancy. Thankfully, Kareena Kapoor has not stopped working or stepping out of her house, so we can at least get a glimpse of the stages of her pregnancy.

Recently, the actress was spotted shooting at her residence with sister The real Karisma Kapoor. Twinning in their outfits, the sisters were captured by the paparazzi as they prepared for the shoot and Kareena’s baby bump was visible in the photos.



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We got an expert to analyse the photos to give us more insights into what we can expect from the couple at the end of her pregnancy. Ratna Chattopadhyay has been a noted celebrity baby bump analyst since the past 10 years. Her latest book What Your Favourite Celebrities’ Big Toe Says About Your Sex Life was a bestseller in over seven countries across the world. Chattopadhyay sat down with us to discuss the baby bump pictures…

“I usually do this in person, but we’ll just have to make do with these blurry paparazzi snapshots, I guess,” she said, “The way Kareena’s back is arching, it seems as if she’s carrying a baby girl. But then there’s the way she is holding out her hand, as if in the process of clenching her fists to suppress her annoyance at The Real Karisma Kapoor’s insistence on wearing matching grey sweaters when everyone knows grey makes Kareena’s face looks washed out. It is indicating to me that she might be carrying a baby boy.”

Chattopadhyay continues her analysis, “But the aura I’m getting is of a 13-legged tarantula that will burst from her womb and recite the devil’s chant in old Latin to summon the Dark Lord to take his vengeance on the mortals.”

According to Chattopadhyay, it’s impossible to tell for sure what gender or species her baby might be of unless she gets expensive X-ray implants in her eyes. “Until then, there’s no way of knowing.”

Keep checking this space for more info on the Devil Tarantula…