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“It’s a Scary Time When a Nazi Can’t Declare their Support for Communal Violence on a Public Platform Without Facing Any Consequences,” says Sona Mohapatra

By Team Rayon Updated: April 17, 2020 at 7:17 am 7 Comment

Recently, Twitter India came through and suspended R*ngoli Cha*ndel’s account after one of her million Tweets propagating communal hatred and fake news went viral.

While many people came forward to laud the platform’s action, singer Sona Mohapatra slammed the suspension and went on a Twitter tirade about the travails of the PC culture.

“While I might not subscribe to all their views, I stand by their right to express them. Let’s not be so ‘politically correct’ and quick to be offended,” she Tweeted.

Defending her stance in a series of Tweets, she explained, “What have we become? If a person likes to eat pineapples on pizza or the genocide of one community, shouldn’t they be allowed to express their opinions just like you and me? Just because I don’t particularly like pineapples on pizza or the aforementioned genocide, doesn’t mean others can’t.”

She slammed the Internet’s ‘woke culture’ in recent times, saying, “I haven’t read the Tweet that got her suspended because facts are for suckers and mouth breathers. But one thing I know for sure is that this woke culture will be our downfall.”

Sona Mohapatra wasn’t available for any comments because how the fact that her head is stuck really far up her rear end. Keep checking this space for more updates.

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