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HEARTWARMING! The PM Took Some Time Off From His Busy Schedule of Dismantling the Democracy to Tweet These Witty Replies to the Bollywood Celebrities’ Birthday Wishes For Him

By Team Rayon Updated: September 18, 2020 at 10:26 am 8 Comment

Our Prime Minister celebrated his 70th birthday on Thursday and many people took to Twitter to wish him on the blessed day. Apart from political dignitaries and the people who live streamed themselves repeating his name out loud for 24 hours straight, many celebrities from the film industry also came online to wish the PM on his birthday. From Shah Rukh Khan to Akshay Kumar, many celebrities forgot that this was a man who is the leader of the political party that is directly responsible for the well-designed attack on their industry, through the help of their mouthpieces, and also destroying the country piece by piece with their hateful ideologies.

The PM took a break from not having any data on the migrant exodus that happened because of the lockdown and the complete mishandling of the pandemic and the economy to responded to all these messages graciously, but some messages just took the cake!

Replying to Virat Kohli’s birthday wish, the PM wrote that he was sure that he and Anushka Sharma will be amazing parents, and they’ll need every last bit of that well-wish because the kind of world that the honourable PM is leaving for the future generation looks nothing but bleak.


He then hilariously trolled Milind Soman, who had Tweeted that he wished him good health and hoped that he has good and proactive opposition so that he can do better for the country. In a rare moment of honesty, the PM replied saying ‘Wishful thinking’ with a smiley.


India’s supreme leader didn’t let the fact that his government is actively suppressing Muslim voices of dissent by imprisoning them under outrageous laws, and told Karan Johar that he loved his little passion towards cinema, calling it ‘adorable’, successfully showing how multifaceted he is. He can be condescending while fantasising about genocide.