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5 Styling Tips to Follow if You’re Taking Part in the Climate Strikes this Week

By Chakshu Verma Updated: September 20, 2019 at 12:49 pm 9 Comment

This week is going to be historic. Young people from all over the world are stepping out of their schools and offices to strike march in the demand of ending the age of fossil fuels. The urgency of climate crisis requires attention and people are doing that by arranging many such events in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Gurugram and Mumbai.

Protest marches, like any other public gathering, require you to be on top of your fashion game.  Meaning? You have to strike a balance between comfort, those Instagram influencer aesthetic and style, while making your followers realise they should be aware and responsible too about the seriousness of dressing right for an event.  Think of the Insta Stories you’ll get out of it.

Fret not, we’ve got just the styling tips that’ll help you win #OOTDs at the Climate Strike marches…

Our local tailor believes that I’ve gained at least 3 kgs since the last time I visited him, he also believes that one should always look towards their personal style to guide them, while also keeping in mind the place they are visiting. “There are people who like to keep things simple and minimalistic, while making statements about them being responsible influencers clear,” he explained.

1) Now that you have decided to go, you want to stand out in the crowd and the way to do it is by a statement accessory. A basket bag is not only practical enough to hold you plastic-bottled water but it makes it quick for you to take out your phone and click urgent pictures too.

Image credit: Nilu Yuleena Thapa

2) Ditch your regular sneakers and opt for your trusty PVC boots to save your feet from any kind of dirt or dust. (After coming back, just wipe your boots with paper towels or toss them in the dustbin)

3) Clip your hair back. With all the shouting and protesting, people tend to get all sweaty, and having hair in your face is just too much to handle while trying so hard to look good. Steal some trendy barrettes from your primary school-going nieces to accessorise.

4) Naysayers will tell you that cotton is not a good for the environment but you know what it’s good for? Absorbing your sweat. Protest marches in this weather can get very sweaty. So don’t forget to carry a light printed cotton  jacket for sweat-absorbing airy outfit. Bonus? It will photograph well too.

Image Credit: Komal Pandey

5) If you can’t find anything  appropriate in your wardrobe, remember that winter is coming and there are fast fashion brand (unethical-low-wages-giving-fat-bellied-corporations) sales going on in your nearby malls. Who can say no to a completely new outfit that tells the world you love tacos, after all?