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5 Yoga Poses to Make Sure Your Body is as Flexible as the Right Wing’s Stance on Freedom of Speech

By Team Rayon Updated: November 4, 2020 at 1:26 pm 8 Comment

Our sedentary lifestyles can take a toll on our body’s health. Regular exercise and yoga can help in keeping it in shape. Doing yoga regularly can increase your body’s flexibility, which in turn helps in increasing the body’s range of motion and joint health. This can help you get rid of problems like back pain. Overtime you can make your body as flexible as the ruling party’s opinion on what constitutes as freedom of speech, for instance the ease with which they declare democratic protests to be bad, but rabid mouthpieces like Kangana Ranaut or Arnab Goswami as citizens with a fundamental right to express their honest opinions. If you have tight and inflexible hips, hamstrings, calves, or moral compass, you need to try these yoga poses and feel the difference right away.

Cat Cow pose

In order to fully remove your spine, at will, to adhere to the rotten beliefs of the right wing, try this pose regularly while exercising. Get on all fours, make sure your wrists are beneath your shoulders and your knees are placed beneath your hips. Keep your weight balanced across the body. Inhale, while allowing your belly to go towards the floor. Raise your chin as your belly goes down. While exhaling, press your hands downwards to the floor and round up your spine towards the ceiling and tuck your chin into your chest. Repeat this for a minute and your spine will be as flexible as Kangana Ranaut’s stance on basically every issue on the planet.

Low Lunge

This helps in improving spine’s health, opening up your hips, and build muscle strength. It will give you the flexibility of someone who thinks student activists need to be put in jail for questioning the government, but depraved thugs like Arnab Goswami deserve the right to have a platform where they can spew their hateful garbage. As the name suggests, go down on a deep lunge, by kneeling on the floor and bending the other knee while placing your foot flat on the ground in front of you. Stretch upwards by lifting up your torso and arms. Hold this position for half a minute and repeat on the other side.

Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend

This pose helps in boosting the flexibility in your hamstring and calves. It’s also helpful for the times when thoughts of how fighting for a neo-Nazi’s right to freedom is absolutely dumb, because they are at the bottom pile of humanity and deserve no compassion, start pouring into your head. You’d be in so much pain while executing this pose that all rational thoughts from your head will escape. Sit on the floor with your legs open as wide as they can get. Extend your arms overhead and slowly bend down towards the floor. Hold this position for a minute or two for best results.

Standing Forward Bend

This simple pose can help stretch your hamstrings. It’s also a good way to achieve the flexibility it requires for right wing fanatics to lick the boots of their overlords. Make sure your hips are over your ankles, bend your knees slightly and touch the floor with your hands.IT’s juts that simple.

Eagle pose

This might be a difficult pose to master, if you’re a beginner, but it does give good results. It is a fairly complicated move, but on the plus side, it will distract you from the ridiculousness of right wing people standing up for the right to freedom of speech for their friends while prosecuting people from minorities who stand up for their own right to express their opinions. To get this pose, lift your right foot from the floor, while balancing your weight on the left foot. Cross your right thigh over your left, a thigh up a possible. Then hook your right foot around your left calf. Bring your arms in front of you and cross the left over the right, hooking them at the elbows. Draw your forearms together and wrap your right palm around your left, crossing at the wrists. Lift the elbows to be parallel to your shoulders. Keep spine perpendicular and head risen. Hold for a few songs and repeat on the other side.