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After US, UK, and Romania, New Mysterious Monolith Discovered Outside Popular Mumbai Restaurant

By Team Rayon Updated: December 9, 2020 at 1:39 pm 9 Comment

The enigma of the shiny monoliths continues to baffle the world as new ones keep cropping up in mysterious ways around the world. The latest one to astound netizens is closer to home.

Reports of the metallic column being spotted by a group of tourists outside a popular Mumbai eatery surfaced recently.

The tall, shiny, metallic structure had, reportedly, appeared without any warning or explanation and disappeared just as mysteriously as it appeared.

“We were just on our way to pick up some groceries when we saw the monolith outside the restaurant,” said the hiker who spotted the structure, “I walked up to it, but there was no indication as to how it appeared there. We’ve been going on that route for months and this is the first time we spotted it.”

The internet has been rife with theories as to what these monoliths can mean, ranging from extraterrestrial aliens to edgy art installations.

Authorities from the government weighted in on the mystery, “The monolith discovered in Mumbai is very similar to the ones that were discovered around the world,” said the authorities, “There were a couple of differences though, there were no strange writings on the surface of this monolith. Also, when we stabbed it with a sharp, pointy knife, it bled. Go figure.”

What do you think is the mystery behind these strange structures?