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Easy and Simple Ways to Prevent Hair from Turning White

By Team Rayon Updated: March 24, 2021 at 10:33 am 8 Comment

Premature greying of hair is worrying for many people, including your mother who is convinced that you will die as a sad and lonely spinster if there is even a strand of white hair on your head. Our modern lifestyles are one of the leading causes of white hair on our heads, or if your mother is to be believed it’s all that time you spend on your phone and not interacting with the real world. Grey and white hair usually occur when your hair strands start losing pigment. With age, the pigment cells present in hair follicles die and this causes your strands to become grey (and your mom to lose several nights’ sleep). Also, the deficiency of vitamin B12 can be the reason behind greying hair. While the condition can’t be cured entirely, there are some ways that you can try and manage it. If you want to know how to prevent white hair, then keep on reading…

Take vitamins

Taking care of what you put into your body is a good way to prevent white hair from showing up quickly. A deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals can be the cause of a multitude of hair-related issues, including hair loss, thinning, and premature greying. One of the most recommended tips on how to prevent white hair is to increase your intake of iron, vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin B12, and selenium. You can either modify your diet or take multivitamin supplements to help yourself.

Diet modification

Your diet has a huge impact on the condition of your hair. A healthy and well-balanced diet is instrumental in keeping your hair thick and shiny. If you’re looking for ways of how to prevent white hair, then you should definitely have a diet that is sufficiently rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins like B-5 which can be found in fish and yoghurt. Iron-rich foods, beans, citrus fruits, and whole grains are also good for your hair.

Natural hair masks

You can use ingredients present at your home to create DIY hair masks that can help in the prevention of grey hair. A mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil can do wonders in keeping your hair dark and nourishing them at the same time. There’s also a DIY mask that you can make with curry leave sand coconut oil by boiling the curry leaves and oil together to prepare the mask and applying it to your hair for 15 minutes, or leaving it overnight for best results. This DIY hair mask with alma, reetha, and shikakai is also a great one to try if you’re wondering how to prevent white hair.


As you all know, stress can lead to a host of problems, including hair fall and premature greying. If you really want to learn how to prevent white hair from showing up, a very important step is to step back and see how you can destress your life. It can be anything like, meditation or listening to music. 

So do utilise these tips to prevent those white hair strands from occuring.