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Jacqueline Fernandez Owes Her Glowing and Radiant Skin to THIS Ancient Witch’s Curse

By Shephali Kushwaha Updated: June 26, 2020 at 6:55 am 9 Comment

We all love celebrity beauty secrets no matter how bizarre or unconventional they might be. The best part about them is that they are usually not too heavy on our pockets and mostly involve household items that can be easily found in our kitchens or fridges, some random chanting and occasional sacrifices.

In an Instagram Live session recently, Jacqueline Fernandez decided to spill some beauty secrets and revealed the secret behind her glowing skin. The stunning actress attributed her radiant skin to regular hydration and the ancient witch from a forest near Salman Khan’s farm house.



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“I was on my morning run, and while I stopped to pick a fruit from a tree,” she said, “As soon as I plucked it from the branch, an old witch appeared in front of me and said it was her tree and nobody was allowed to pick form it. I told her she should have put up signs on the tree and she said that I should have known better than doing the remix of ‘Ek Do Teen’, but we all make mistakes that we’re not proud of.”

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According to the ‘actress’, the witch clearly stated that now she had to put a curse on her to set an example. The witch said that she will be blessed with glowing skin but she can no longer blink her eyes. “I was so happy at that moment! I was wasting so much time not being able to see things because of all the blinking anyway”, said Jacqueline.



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The ‘actor’ said that after that day her skin has been glowing continuously and now she doesn’t need lightbulbs in her house.

“The glow really upsets my cats in the dark and people have mistaken me for a ghostly apparition, but apart from that it’s all great,” she said.