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Brave! This Upper Caste Hindu Feminist is Waiting Patiently for Her Medal to Appear for Retweeting a Tweet Abhorring Casteism

By Team Rayon Updated: September 30, 2020 at 10:49 am 8 Comment

The whole country has been shaken up by the horrific rape of a young Dalit girl from UP. Hundreds of people have taken to Twitter to talk and Retweet about the incident and express their horror and disgust at the latest incident of caste-based violence. One of those hundreds is an upper class Hindu resident of Delhi who is now waiting patiently at her South Extension home for the medal applauding her ally ship to appear in mail.

“A lot of my friends are afraid to go political,” says 27-year-old Priyanka Agarwal, “But I am always on Twitter, reading up about the issues plaguing our nation. Do you think I should post about my medal on Insta stories or just make a post about it?”

Priyanka was going about her usual day of attending zoom meetings and bitching about her manager’s latest email with her work-wives on their group chat, when she got an Inshorts notification about a headline proclaiming that another rape had happened in UP. This time the victim was Dalit, a fact that didn’t matter to her. “I’m a feminist first and human second,” she said, “We shouldn’t focus on things like caste and religion when we should be talking about the crime.”

An outraged Priyanka went on Twitter to see what her favourite influencers were saying about the incidence. “I couldn’t find anything about the incident because my whole timeline was talking about the US Presidential debate, which was hilarious and so disturbing. Did you see it? I mean, I got up in the morning and live streamed it, but I’m sure you would have gotten the highlights by now?”

After giving her opinion about Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s performance in the debate, she recalls, “It wasn’t even trending, so I had to go to the search bar and type the keywords to get to the trending Tweets.”

She found a Tweet that read, “This is horrible, when will people stop doing this? The culprits must be hanged in public. I want to live in a. World free of caste and religion.”

“I don’t know who wrote the Tweet,” she said, “I don’t even follow him, but his words resonated with me. Caste is bad, and the culprits must die.”

Priyanka retweeted the Tweet and even shared a screenshot on her group chat. “I know people are busy dealing with a lot of stuff right now, that’s why I’m patient,” she said.

“Yes, but where did this come from?” She replied, when asked about whether or not she keeps separate utensils for her house helps to use around the house, “But that’s only because of hygiene and cleanliness.”