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AMAZING! Akshay Kumar Spills on How He Stays Fit Despite the Fist of the Government Shoved Deep up His Back End at All Times

By Team Rayon Updated: June 3, 2020 at 12:07 pm 8 Comment

Aside from being the mouthpiece of the ruling party, Canadian actor Akshay Kumar is one of the fittest actors in the country and has always been a vocal supporter of being healthy.



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“Human beings can overcome any adversity if they set their mind to it. I have the government’s fist shoved so far up my ass that if I open my mouth wide right now, it can give you the middle finger. Still I work out regularly and remain fit as a fiddle,” he said.

It was because of his commitment to remain fit, and the whole fist up his backend deal, that he was at the forefront fo the Fit India Movement launched last year to ensure that the youth of the country remains healthy, even if they have no jobs.

“Don’t be a lazy dumbass,” he said, “Engage in any physical activity for at least an hour every day. It could be swimming, dancing, Yoga, or this new workout that I call ‘The Money Maker’, where you just remove your moral compass and your actual spine and crawl on the floor like a rat.”

He also asserted the importance of a good diet plan in the process of getting fit. “You need to eat properly,” he says, “It goes without saying that you should remove beef from your diets. Just eat a Kajaria tile like I do.”