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Feminist Fail: Woman Lets Herself Get Upstaged by Toddler Boy Wearing Kick**s Cowboy Boots to the Airport

By Team Rayon Updated: October 29, 2019 at 1:11 pm 0 Comment

Feminists across the world have yet to recover from a crushing blow to the Equal Rights movement ever since the photos of Media Darling Taimur Ali Khan strutting into the airport, with mother Kareena Kapoor, came out.


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“How can men and women be considered equal when this 2-year-old toddler boy can crush the cowboy boots game this hard?,” wrote women’s rights activist Raina Mittal, in a Twitter thread.

In the past, uncomfortable celebrity airport looks have been largely championed by female actresses, with men usually showing up looking like they grabbed the first thing they saw in their walk-in closet.

“I wore 7-inch heeled pumps and a leather jacket so tight, that my ribs got realigned without any surgery, and my husband Padmavat actor Ranveer Singh, literally, showed up in what he was wearing to bed,” said an actress, on the condition of anonymity.

Now it turns out, men are better at dressing up incredibly uncomfortably for catching long flights.

“Kareena had no idea that Taimur was going to pull out that look from his closet this morning,” said the official spokesperson for the Ali Khan household, “In retrospect, Kareena does think that it was suspicious that Taimur chose to arrive in a different car to the airport.”



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Fans and feminists have taken to Twitter to express their shock at this development, using the hashtag #RIPFeminism.

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