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Salman Khan Hater Wonders if Sharing the New ‘Zero’ Teaser Makes Her a ‘Little B**ch’

By Team Rayon Updated: July 29, 2018 at 7:28 pm 0 Comment

“I didn’t expect to find the teaser so delightful!” cries 25-year-old Sneha, who is a self-proclaimed ‘Salman hater’.

“I had just posted a 13 tweets long thread about why Race 3 is what’s wrong with our society right now when I came across the teaser for Zero,” she says. Sneha is talking about the latest promotional clip from Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film Zero, in which he is seen dancing with Salman Khan. “Why did it have to be him?” continues Sneha, while sobbing uncontrollably.

Like many Shah Rukh Khan fans, Sneha wants to share the teaser on her Twitter and Facebook profiles, with a funny yet suitably adoring caption about how she can’t wait for the movie to release, but Salman’s presence has put a dampener on the plans. “I understand that he is a popular star, but it feels like a punch to the gut,” she says.

“I’ve never seen her like this,” claims Sneha’s mother, “She is not eating, and she has barely slept over the past 2 hours! I want my daughter back.”

Sneha’s family and friends have been urging her to just share the video, despite Salman’s presence in the teaser. “They don’t understand,” says Sneha, “I JUST tweeted about him being a misogynistic pig. If I share the teaser now I’ll be acting like a little b**ch.”