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UPDATE: Woman Changes Mind After Being Asked If She Thought Her Father was Trash Too? On Her Post About Men Being Trash

By Team Rayon Updated: May 5, 2020 at 1:09 pm 7 Comment

26-year-old Delhi resident Shruti K.’s life suddenly changed after reading a reply on one of he recent Tweets.

“I had Tweeted about how I think all men are trash,” said Shruti, “Then I received a reply that shook me.” The reply, sent from user @KabirSinghFTW, simply asked Shruti if she thought her father was trash too.

“I had never thought of it that way,” said Shruti, “By saying ‘all men are trash’, was I also including my father?”

This revelation led Shruti to introspect on her calling out the toxic masculinity that exists in our patriarchal society and the implication that it might include people she knows, like her own father.

“My father is not trash,” she said, “Yes, he barely helps in the housework and forwards jokes about how all wives are nags and are only interested ins hopping. But that doesn’t mean he is a part of the problem.”

After realising her mistake, Shruti K. issued an apology to all men for generalising and thanked @KabirSinghFTW for educating her on this very important distinction.

“I was so occupied by the stress of reading news pieces about boys discussing gang r*pes and sharing non-consensual nudes in group chats, that I forgot men have feelings too. And I should realise that in every conversation about women and our struggles, it’s also important to acknowledge the men who have not yet r*ped or harassed anyone.”