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5 Easy Hacks to Convert Your Skin Into a Permanent Raincoat During Monsoon

By Shephali Kushwaha Updated: August 8, 2019 at 12:14 pm 8 Comment

Monsoons have arrived in the country and along with it we are forced to welcome a complete new skincare routine in order to ensure that the rainwater does not touch our otherwise healthy and glowing skin. But the new skincare trend that has emerged this season can actually be the solution we’ve all been looking for:  Completely converting one’s skin into a permanent raincoat.

The trend is already catching on in the beauty community, with many beauty gurus and celebrities opting for the complete raincoat-isaton of their skins. “It’s the perfect solution. Rains suck. Yeah, they might be good for living organisms but they mess my skin up,” said a well-known beauty guru, on the condition of anonymity, “Is it painful? Yes. Is it terrifying to actually peel your entire skin from your body and then use it over your clothes to prevent them getting wet if you’re out in the rain? Yes. But what’s beauty without pain?”

In order to help you have a more convenient life we have come up with a list of easy hacks that will help your skin complete its transformation into a raincoat…

1. Regularly oil your skin: Oiling your skin at least helps in creating a thick
external layer that keeps water away from your skin. “I oil my skin exactly
23 times a day for better results. My skin glows and I am also not able to
pick up anything ever”, said Katrina Kaif while talking about oiling her on a
regular basis.

2. Exfoliate everyday: Exfoliate your skin every day until you completely get
rid of it. It is one of the most common ways to make sure your skin is safe
from the rain water.

3. Stick a waterproof fabric to your skin: This trend that is believed to have
been started by Ranbir Kapoor is widely popular and is proven to turn your
skin permanently waterproof. “I don’t really wish to call anyone out but I
started this before it was cool”, said Taimur when asked about this new

4. Grow another layer of skin: “Growing a new layer of skin isn’t very difficult”,
said popular actress Deepika Padukone. “So far I have grown three layers
of additional skin for me and Ranveer”, she claimed. According to experts
having a new layer of skin over your original skin 100% guarantees to
keep your original skin safe from rainwater.

5. Stay indoors: Staying indoors until eternity is a very popular and reliable
way to protect your skin from rainwater. It really helps when everyone
hates you.