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5 Stunning Make-up Looks to Try When You Tell People Where They Can Shove Their ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

By Team Rayon Updated: February 26, 2020 at 7:15 am 7 Comment

You know how any time something terrible happens in the world there are some delusional people who think sending their thoughts and prayers out to the world via Twitter can make a difference? And you remember how you’ve always felt the need to tell them how they should jump up their own asses with their ‘thoughts and prayers? Yeah, something horrible is happening in our country and they are back again.

They are the close cousins of people who ‘want to listen to both sides of the arguments’, and as those who ask you ‘where were you when the cruel emperor was destroying this community thousands of years ago’.

Here are some stunning make-up looks you can try in case you come across someone who thinks holding a prayer meeting is a better use of their powers and reach, than actually doing something that can make a change. Why? Because nothing makes sense anymore…

A classic red lip

You can never go wrong with red lipstick. Unless you apply it on your neck like a fool. Put on your favourite red and tell the dumb jackass that they can take their ‘thoughts and prayers’ and shove them up where the sun doesn’t shine.

Dark smokey eye

Another classic to try and distract yourself with when you feel the utter despair at how things are being handled by the very people you trusted to take care of the situation. Burn their ‘thoughts and prayer’ Tweets and use the ashes to create a smokey effect on your eyelids.

Highlight, highlight and more highlight

Use a liquid or powder highlight liberally on your face so that it eventually becomes a reflective mirror. This will help the ‘thoughts and prayers’ people see how truly asinine they sound when they send their ‘thoughts and prayers’

Soft and natural

Go for a fresh and glow base and keep your make-up neutral. Lull the delusional fools into a false sense of security with your radiant face. Then tell them what they can do with their neutral ‘thoughts and prayers’ Tweets

A little blush can go a long way

Take a dark coloured blush and apply it to the apple of your cheek. Layer the product on until you get two clown like blush circles on your cheeks. This will help the ‘thoughts and prayers’ people see what clowns they look like when they send out their ‘thoughts and prayers’