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7 Easy Hairstyles For Girls Who Like to Lick Walls For Fun

By Chakshu Verma Updated: September 18, 2019 at 8:13 am 8 Comment

Are you sick of holding back your hair from your face every time you want to lick a wall? Do your bangs make it difficult for you to lick the wall properly like it should be licked? Fret not, because we’ve got your back.

We spoke to zero celebrity hairstylists and came up with this list of easy hairstyles you can try to help you lick all the walls you want without a worry in the world…

1) Licking walls is all about movement and properly manoeuvring your head. This makes the chances of hair smacking your own face very high. This hairstyle will not only keep your hair away from your face but body too.


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2) Gaining popularity after almost a decade now, the trusty side-braid is making a come back because of its various functions such as looking elegant, causing neck-pain and serving as a defence tool against people who tell you not lick walls.


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3) Want to look like a star while you lick all the walls in your house? Part your hair midway and secure it in a bun with newspaper rubber bands for an innocent look when your parents start interrogating all your siblings about who licked the living-room walls.

4) Utilise your shower towel and cover-up your hair to protect them from the wall-dust during the fun-deed.


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5) Braid your hair in a heart-shape to show your love and passion for the wall-licking.

6) Use the wall-dust as natural dry-shampoo for easy non-heat beachy waves in your hair.


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7) The topknot is one of the most famous hairdos this season which can be donned by anyone. You can dress it up for an event with great walls or dress it down when you are just in your home wall-tasting.