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7 Makeup Tricks to Hide the Devastation You Felt After Receiving the 17th Box Of Soan Papdi this Diwali

By Chakshu Verma Updated: October 28, 2019 at 6:08 am 9 Comment

Let’s all admit. It isn’t just time for Diwali, the light of festivals but Diwali, the festival of receiving and gifting recycled Soan Papdi dabbas. Sure, gifting soan papdi is easy and doesn’t require a lot of thought. But you have received the 17th box of it and you are done and not just because of receiving so many boxes of it but because it’s the one you gifted to neighbour, Sharma aunty. You signed the back of it to catch the evil bitch Saon-Papdi handed. 

Is your mom not letting you throw that Soan Papdi on your neighbour’s head, mean girls style? Is she asking you to keep quiet and calm your facial expressions because, “mehman bhagwan hota hai”? Fret not cause we have got your back. Here are 7 amazing makeup tricks to hide the devastation you felt after receiving the 17th box of Soan Papdi.

Conceal and brighten your under eyes. It is said that the anger wrinkles are always first seen on under-eye-bags. Oh no, that was for the forehead. But anyway, use concealer a shade or two lighter than the face for your eyes.

Use white eyeliner before eyeshadow. Not only does it hide the natural red color of your eyelids (because of anger) but also creates a smooth base for your eyeshadow.

Dark eye makeup. When in doubt, one should always opt for a dark smokey eye loo. In hope that it might give a scary indication to your neighbour but still look nice.

Contour for a sharp jawline. So what if you can’t stab a sharp knife in the Soan Papdi bringer.

Highlight. There is no such thing as too much highlight. It will help you blind out the person you are serving orange juice to so that they’ll not be able to read your real emotions.

Wear red lipstick. For luck, of course.

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Layer a shiny lipgloss on to of your lipstick. You may use your collected tears as an alternative too from when you cried after receiving what felt like the 100th box of Soan Papdi.