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26-Year-Old Delhi Woman Feels that Maybe Our Country Has a Little Problem with Muslims

By Team Rayon Updated: August 6, 2019 at 7:50 am 9 Comment

“I have many Muslim friends and colleagues. None of them told me that they feel threatened in their own country,” claimed Megha Bhatia, a 26-year-old Delhi resident. After coming across several news reports that shed light on the increasing number of mob lynching cases, with predominantly Muslim victims, and passing of bills that forward the Hindutva propaganda, Bhatia came to the unfortunate realisation that the country might have a little problem with Muslims.

“How can people have problems with Muslims? They have the best kebabs,” she said, “I knew I should have registered to get a Voters’ ID card this time, but I was in Pondicherry with my friends during the Elections so I really couldn’t have done much.”

Bhatia, who works as a Creative Visualiser at a boutique ad agency in Kailash Colony, decided to enlist the help of a Muslim friend Fatima Jameel to understand the problem more.

“Fatima is a cool Muslim,” said Bhatia, “She is educated and her parents let her wear jeans and stay out past sunset.”

According to her, Fatima tried to explain the deep rooted problem in our country’s socio-political system, and how Islamophobia is a real threat to our Constitution and democracy. She also explained how the increasing ‘other-ing’ of Muslims is reminiscent of what happened during the Holocaust. “It really helped, you know, to talk to a real life Muslim person,” she said, “I want to know how I can help, but I think we need to have faith in our Government, they will do their best to solve this problem.”